Audience Engagement and gaming for unforgettable events

Audience Engagement and gaming for unforgettable events

How to use games to engage audiences and spread your brand!

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Capturing the audience’s attention and keeping it alive throughout an event is undoubtedly challenging. This is why the concept of audience engagement, capable of making users feel an integral part of an experience, is becoming increasingly relevant. It means envisioning engagement that is not limited to mere participation but aims to create a meaningful bond between participants and the event. Gamification and games are two powerful allies in Audience Engagement that make a live event a truly engaging and memorable experience. Let’s go into a little more detail!

Who is the Audience

There are many ways to describe participants in events of various kinds: spectators, visitors, members, customers, users, consumers, attendees…in short, all terms we use to define the audience! Today more than ever, this role demands agency, active decision-making power in shaping the activity one attends. The active audience plays, compares and gives its interpretation, connects what it experiences to what it has experienced in other occasions and places, giving the event unprecedented meanings and goals.

What Audience Engagement Means

Audience Engagement is the ability to actively engage participants, making them feel an integral part of the experience. The goal is to create a meaningful bond between the audience and the event itself, thus helping to make the experience even more memorable and engaging.

Involvement From the Design Phase

Defining who the participants are, their interests and expectations is the first step in creating an engaging event. Selecting a format and program that is engaging and relevant to the target audience is essential. Effective event promotion helps generate positive expectations, thereby increasing enthusiasm and participation.

Interaction During the Event: gaming as an ally

Games and gamification (if you still need to learn the difference take a peek here) represent an innovative way to increase audience engagement during events. This approach makes the experience more fun while stimulating active participation and encouraging mnestic retention of the event. The friendly competition generated by gamification promotes participants’ enthusiasm and motivation. In addition, game mechanics can be used to collect useful data and feedback to improve the overall event experience.  During the event, technology can ease interaction between participants and organisers. Providing networking opportunities and encouraging active participation through questions, feedback and interactive activities creates an engaging and stimulating atmosphere.

Examples of Gamification for Events

In Presence

Treasure Hunt: Participants search for hidden clues in the event area to win prizes.

Theme Quizzes: They test their knowledge on a specific topic.

Social Media Challenges: They share photos and videos from the event with specific hashtags.

Role Play: They take on imaginary roles and interact with each other.


Real-Time Polls and Quizzes: They interact with content and speakers in real-time.

Virtual Reward Games: They earn points and badges by completing challenges.

Leaderboards: They compete with each other to achieve the highest score.

VR and AR: Immersive experiences.

Follow-up After the Event

After the event, it is important to thank participants and gather their feedback to improve future initiatives. Sharing event-related content on social channels to continue cultivating a connection with participants keeps interaction and interest alive over time.

CHRONES. is dedicated to developing active, responsible, knowledgeable audiences at your live and non-live events! Our creativity and planning are ready to make your events memorable and fun!

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3 April 2024

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Audience Engagement and gaming for unforgettable events

How to use games to engage audiences and spread your brand!

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